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C.E. Coleman (North Shields) Ltd.

Battery Specialists

Nickel Cadmium

C.E. Coleman (North Shields) Ltd has been involved with Nickel Cadmium batteries for over 60 years. The work we do covers many different types of Nickel Cadmium cell, and the applications they are used in. We are a sales and service agent for Alcad and Saft in the UK. Our main area of expertise is in the testing and servicing of railway battery systems, we already test and service batteries for most of the major UK railway operators as well as some localised operators. However, we also do extensive work with stationary batteries for use in emergency lighting, diesel engine start, fire pumps etc. This work ranges from the testing and servicing of existing cells to supply and installation of new or replacement cells.

Lead Acid

The name "Globemaster" was used to brand automotive and marine Lead Acid batteries that we manufactured at our factory in North Shields until the early 1990's. Eventually we were unable to compete with the large-scale manufacturers due to the increasing costs of the raw materials. We still get customers to our trade counter today with Globemaster branded batteries that were bought nearly 15 years ago, something that is almost unheard of in the current automotive battery trade. Even though we no longer manufacture batteries ourselves, the knowledge gained from the time that we did is still well used in our work today, albeit in a different way. We are distributors for several different lead acid battery brands, crossing over the complete spectrum of applications.


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